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Wiki and virtualize become words

So the Oxford English Dictionary now recognizes wiki and virtualize as words.

wiki n.

They join a small but distinguished group of words that are directly or ultimately borrowings into English from Hawaiian. It has been suggested that in some ways the OED itself resembles a wiki: its long tradition of working on collaborative principles means it has welcomed the contribution of information and quotation evidence from the public for more than 150 years.

virtualize v.

Although one might expect this word to be appearing, associated as it is with computers and "virtual reality." it's interesting to note that another sense of the word enjoyed years of usage in philosophical circles before the advent of these recent phenomena.

Other words added include: ixnay and pre-boarding and ta-da.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek (Moderator) on Mar 16, 2007 at 12:16 PM

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