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Doan does have supporters, just not the IG

Needless to say, it has not been a good few month for GSA Administrator Lurita Doan. Just this week, two Democratic senators called for her to resign... then the IG report on this now infamous $20,000 contract that was never awarded comes out... not to mention the WP story that keeps the Hatch Act questions at the top of everybody's mind... (Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, even cited her by name in remarks Wednesday at a forum hosted by The Brookings Institution... and the DC's newest Hill pub Politico.com noted how Doan's issues may be causing GSA funding woes.)

The IG report, however, makes for an interesting read. Nothing really new in there, frankly. It puts more meat on the bones and gives some insights into the investigation.

I got this note from a GSAer:

This is going to get real ugly around here. I notice that FCW published the IG report on the Administrator. That did not take too much time for the IG to leak that and apply a little more pressure. If this guy gets away with this carefully orchestrated smear job, GSA will never recover. What a terrible report too, we are all reading it and no one can every recall seeing something so badly written, with so many obvious errors, and citing "evidence" obtained from somebody's website. Wow, the standards of proof have dropped real low. I guess it really does not matter much, everyone will believe the IG no matter what he says.. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM..contracting officers do not really count. It is the IG that runs this place and everyone knows it.

Of course, I would never confirm or deny where FCW got the IG report. There are many copies floating around. But I think many people believe that most GSAers do not really support Doan... or to be more accurate, think she is causing the agency more problems. But there are some procurement officials who really believe that oversight has become second-guessing and they somewhat respect Doan for taking on this fight.

We also got this letter to the editor from William Johnson commenting on the story of the two senators calling for Doan to resign:

This call for Ms Doan's resignation is absolutely the worst misuse of legislative power I have ever seen in years. This 'call' is a continuation of the Democrat Party's (I said that right!) well-known but unspoken campaign to paint as many officials in the current administration as totally inept, inefficient, or corrupt somehow and unable to do anything. In reality, Ms Doan and the rest of these senior people are DOING SOMETHING in government to try to help the people, working with the horrendous Gordian knot of laws - in everything - passed by our 'couch potato Congress'. The current crop of lawmakers can only complain and point fingers - they have not provided any hint of solutions. My outrage is not based just on this one incident - it is a culmination of years of following the published news. And make no mistake - this call for Ms Doan's resignation was orchestrated at the senior levels of the Democratic leadership. Just remember, when you have chased all the lions away, all you have left are the jackals.


I'm sure there is going to be much Doan buzz down at IRMCO in Williamsburg, Va., where I will be starting on Sunday.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Apr 26, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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