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IRS spam hits close to home

Attacks against executives of major global companies continue to be launched with increasing frequency. Attackers spammed out a malicious rich text format (RTF) attachment, via e-mail, spoofed to appear as if they are from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The file, complaint.rtf, contains a hostile embedded executable called "The original document was not fully loaded. Please double click to reload msword.exe". If opened the Trojan installs itself to steal sensitive information and upload data to three remote servers. General raw data related to the attack is below:

COMPLAINT.rtf (141,340 bytes)
MD5: bfb196bb3a68b52d18991cfd1b2c0e94

The original document was not fully loaded. Please double click to reload msword.exe (60,928 bytes)
MD5: ea8279d30d548f6608487f69691715a3

Creates the Following:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\ssl\01 (directories may be 01-06)

WINDOWS\svchost32.dll (55,296 bytes)
MD5: b32533de26bd548f472cce3a5d762eaa

WINDOWS\svchost32.exe (60,928 bytes) (installed as a service named
MD5: ea8279d30d548f6608487f69691715a3

Uploads log files to www2.scasd.org (, in-2-web2.com (, and www.huquqalinsan.com (

Multiple SYN packets to (static), every 30 seconds.

1. Attacks targeted executives are increasingly common. Executives should be on the alert for potentially hostile RTF and DOC files delivered over e-mail, containing potentially hostile embedded files such as EXE and PDF.
This latest attack is not highly prevalent on a global scale but represents a clear and present emergent threat against corporate executives.

2. The Trojan (aka Robofo, Talpalk, Maha, and Dumbnod) installed in this latest attack attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, FireFox, opera, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Paltalk, and other similar data. Look for egress traffic to to identify infected computers on a network.

3. "MrTheif11" is an interesting string in the binary, which may be an alias for the attacker. This string exists in former binaries related to Better Business Bureau attacks using similar code, techniques, and remote file servers.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on May 30, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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