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One of the items among the buzz contenders was Networx:

#2: Networx, the sequel

Well, it's not a sequel, exactly, but everybody has placed bets on when the next round of Networx contracts will be awarded. Yes, it was just about two months ago that Networx was awarded, but that was only the first of the two Networx awards.

Networx Universal, as that contract was called, was awarded in March and covered many of the traditional telecommunications services ranging from virtual private networks and voice over IP to frame-relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode services.

Networx Enterprise covers more specialized and localized services, such as emerging IP and wireless services. When will it be awarded? Nobody knows.

The other big question is will Sprint-Netxel, which got shut out of Universal, get a piece of Enterprise?

I got a call from GSA folks who pointed out that, when we said that nobody knows... well, that isn't quite accurate. Nobody knows exactly when it will be awarded, but we have all been told that it will be this month. Of course, with few days left in this month...hence, it is in the buzz.

Of course, we probably should have made that more clear.

But...t-minus 11 days and counting.

Any day now...

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on May 21, 2007 at 12:16 PM

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