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Letters to the editor... on EA... mobile security... and iPhones

A bunch of e-mail recently.

This week's issue features a focus on enterprise architecture, including a story saying that OMB scores high on EA and FCW's editorial praised OMB chief architect for raising the visibility of EA.

But one reader said...maybe not so much.

Nice tributes, but I have to tell you EA does not resonate with (or seem particularly useful to) me. His comment in the other piece about wiring diagrams pretty much captures it. It seems like a high-falutin name for systems analysis...

Good point for EA folks -- and us -- to remember.

Regarding this story, Survey: CISOs worried about mobile data security, I got this note:

When you write articles about "mobile security" in a time of expanding use of data-rich PDA's and Smart Phones and only discuss protecting laptops, you are missing the fastest growing segment of the mobile data world. Future articles should cover all mobile devices to give a complete picture of the vulnerabilities agencies face and a truer picture of what protection agencies should provide.

I happen to know that this person has an iPhone, so...he is really mobile.

On the subject of iPhones, I got this note from a reader who was traveling and -- GASP -- dropped his iPhone, cracking the glass. (He notes that it did not take that well.)

My advice is don't drop your iPhone. The broken screen is a $250 fix. Not covered by the warranty, but it's better than the full replacement cost. Bought a hard case for my new one. I got the Contour iSee, but not sure I recommend it.

Read on the blogs that you can get third party insurance for $25-$75/year....Other than the cost, the service experience was not so bad.

I have yet to find a good case for the iPhone. The site, Everything iPhone, has a ton o' cases, but it is difficult to find which one really works well.

Posted by Christopher Dorobek on Aug 28, 2007 at 12:16 PM


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