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Anne's travels -- day 1 in Dublin

This is one of these chances to blog about what somebody else is doing. Anne Armstrong, the president and group publisher of the 1105 Government Information Group, is in Dublin, Ireland for a few days where she is moderating a panel of international CIOs, including our very own Karen Evans, I believe. I asked her to send me some dispatches as she tours.

She reported last night that the weather is a bit dreary. And, of course, there were a few IT problems. (Her BlackBerry just stopped getting e-mail for some reason.)

"So far, just an opening reception sponsored by the Secretary General of the Department of Finance of Ireland."

Armstrong's panel is today along with a few others and then dinner at Dublin castle.

David J. Molchany, Fairfax County, Va.'s CIO, is also there discussing new social software in government.

Her most recent dispatch: "Just heard Aer lingus pilots are threatening to strike this afternoon. May not be able to get home."

I'll continue to pass along dispatches from across the pond as they come in... and whether Armstrong is able to make it home.

One brief aside... Earlier this year at FCW's fall CIO Summit, we had an international CIO Summit of our own with Laurence Millar, deputy commissioner of information and communications technologies for New Zealand; John Suffolk, Cabinet Office CIO for the United Kingdom; and Karen Evans, administrator for e-government and information technology for the Office of Management and Budget, also addressed hurdles that CIOs face in the global enterprise. Molly O’Neill, CIO of the Environmental Protection Agency, moderated the panel.


The remarkable thing was, despite the difference in governance and other items, the thinking was very similar among IT leaders around the world.

Posted on Oct 09, 2007 at 12:17 PM


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