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FCW Insider: Fed 100 advice, part three

In recent weeks, I have been offering advice and answering questions about Fed 100 nominations. Read previous posts at www.fcw.com/blogs/editor/fcw.

Please remember that nominations will close soon after the new year. Nominating is easy. Just go to www.fcw.com/fed100. There are good people out there who deserve recognition, so... let us know who they are.

Let me answer some FAQs that I have been getting in recent weeks.

* Does the number of times someone has been nominated count, meaning, are you looking for a high volume of recommendations for one person?

I know this sounds wishy-washy, but... it depends. It depends on the program and work. It depends on the nomination. It depends on the nominators. As a general rule, the number of nominations doesn't really impress the judges -- particularly if they are all just cut and pasted. That being said, it probably would impress them if there were a number of clearly unique nominations.

As a general rule, let the judges know why this person was influential and made a difference.

* We are considering a number of candidates for the Federal 100 Awards. We have two that we’d like to nominate from the same project, but does putting both through in any way reduce the chance that one will get an award?  We’d really like to see one win from this particular client.

Again, not to be wishy-washy, but... it depends. Generally, probably not. Some projects clearly deserve more then one winner, so they judges are happy to know the people who were key to the program/project/work. In some cases, the judges will determine that one Fed 100 award will go to that project and then they will determine who the person is. So... it depends. Make the case.

* Can you send me the winners from last year?  I think it would help to determine if my client was a fit.

Recent winners can be found at www.fcw.com/specials/fed100.

* Can people from a vendor organization can be submitted? and the related question, "I’m writing to you today in regard to the FCW 100 awards. Could you kindly tell me if vendors are eligible for this award? I understand that the award honors individuals in the government, industry, and academia but I’m not sure if that includes vendors.

Vendors are absolutely eligible. That being said, the criteria generally seems to be higher for vendors. That is largely because... well, they get paid and earn a profit for their work. Often there will be nominations for the work that somebody did growing their company. For example, let's say that Company XYZ has grown dramatically in the past year. They won a number of contracts. OK, that's great, but... how does that make government better? What impact has that had on the larger government information technology community? How does that help agencies accomplish their missions more effectively?

That is not to say that vendors won't win for big contract wins. Some vendors have taken such a unique contracting approach, that it did impact the government IT community. Or they took such a risk, that they changed the way people think about a program.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but make the case — short and sweet. Let the judges know why this person matters.

* (Our company) has selected a government employee to nominate for a Fed 100 award. We are beginning to complete the form and we have a question about other supporting nominators. Is it necessary that the supporting nominators be a government official/employee or a subcontractor to the agency?  Which would be the best option?

OK, I know I sound like a broken record, but it depends. Supporting nominees is not mandatory, but it can be helpful. Depending on the other nominees, it can be very helpful. It is particularly helpful if an industry person has government supporting nominees, for example.

That being said, we have had some circumstances where people listed supporting nominees didn't know they were supporting. (Yes, we do check.) Doing that greatly discounts a nominee.

The second part of the question -- no, it is not necessary for the nominators to be government folks. That being said, a company nominating one of its own can be difficult because the big question judges ask is that this person made a difference on all of government information technology. If the nominators only come from that company, the broader significance is more difficult to assess. It isn't impossible. If the write-up is particularly good, it certainly is possible. It just tends to be more difficult.

* Is their a cost to nominate someone? And second, are there any additional steps in the process beyond submitting the nomination form?

Ah, an easy one. No, there is no cost whatsoever. You must have an Internet connection so you can get to www.fcw.com/fed100 and fill out the nomination form, but otherwise, that's it.

And there are no other steps. The judges will do their work in mid-January. We will notify winners in early February. We publish the full list of winners at the end of March.

If you have questions, let me know and I'll get back to you and/or post the questions here.

Keep those nominations coming. We want to find those people who define the past 12 months.

Posted by Christopher J. Dorobek on Dec 27, 2007 at 12:17 PM


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