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FCW Insider: Shop talk: Good things do happen to good people

We don't often talk about our competition. Why would we, after all. But it is also important to take note when good things happen to good people.

Earlier this week, an FCW competitor, Government Executive, went through something of a organizational reorg this week. Long-time GovExec.com editor Tom Shoop this week was named as the editor of Government Executive. Tim Clark, the long time editor and president, will stay on as editor in chief, "providing guidance to the management team and representing Government Executive toward the federal government and contractor communities." Apparently it has not been decided whether Shoop will continue GovExec's FedBlog, which is immensely readable and almost always interesting. Speaking professionally, I hope he doesn't have time. Speaking personally, Shoop's voice would be missed.

Also... Steve Vito, who has been serving as Government Executive's Group Publisher and Executive Director, will taken the mantle of President of Government Executive. Vito, back in the day, was the associate publisher of Federal Computer Week.

I don't know Clark as well, but I know Shoop and Vito fairly well. They are both class acts and two of the most professional people I know. It is always easier if you hate the competition, but it is even better if you have profound respect for the work they do.Shoop and Vito are a credit to our profession, and they make all of us better.

Congratulations to both of them.

Posted on Dec 13, 2007 at 12:17 PM


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