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FCW Insider: IPIC -- a photo viewpoint

I'm packing up to head back to D.C . this afternoon after being here at IPIC for the past few days. I have a few more posts to come -- and the GITEC board is meeting this morning, so it will be interesting to hear what comes out of that meeting. But here are a few of the sights from IPIC as taken by my trusty (and ever present) iPhone camera.

* Quite zone... I mentioned Monday that NYT technology columnist David Pogue (who is a keynote speaker at FOSE) found an error on the signs outside the conference room where they were warning people that it was a "quite" zone. Of course, it is supposed to be a "quiet" zone. (See -- proof that we all need an editor.)

IPIC's "quite" zone

Well, Pogue signed the sign... and it is being silent auctioned off to benefit the IPIC 2008 charity, the World Wildlife Foundation.

The 'quite' zone signed by David Pogue

* "Paige"

Yes, Paige is a Bald Eagle. As I mentioned, the IPIC benefit was the World Wildlife Fund, so a number of vendors sought various ways to tie into that theme. Nuance Communications had a Bald Eagle in their booth for the last night. "Paige" is a 13-year-old Bald Eagle and she was the hit of the night. I even got to take my photo with the majestic creature. (I'll pass along the link when they send it along.)

A real bald eagle

* More IPIC animals

The desert on Monday night of IPIC -- a chocolate panda. His little head comes off and he is filled with mousse. (Fill in your own joke here!)

Ipic panda

* Even more IPIC animals

CSC VP Elaine Dauphin has a dolphin hat. Yes, really! She tells me that her last name means dolphin in French. Apparently the dolphin hat travels in her golf bag, which means that she has to rent clubs, something that just shocked some golfers.

Elaine's fancy hat

Posted by Christopher J. Dorobek on Mar 06, 2008 at 12:17 PM


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