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FCW Insider: This week's to-dos... Rising Star award nominations... Send in Doan's arrow photo... Vote for the best government themed movie... Check out the newest government blog... and wish happy birthdays...

FCW Insider: This week's to-dos…Rising Star award nominations…Vote for the best government themed movie…Check out the newest government blog…and wish happy birthdays…

I was trying to get these done yesterday, but…we lost our network in the afternoon. Joy. So…Tuesday's to-dos…

Rising Star awards

We are in the final throws of nominations for the 2008 Rising Star awards program.

In case you don't know, the Rising Star program recognizes the good work done by younger people -- the up-and-comers. We specifically have not put an age limit on these people for a few reasons. First off, an arbitrary cut off just doesn't seem to make sense. (Somebody is "rising" at 40, but "risen" at 41?) Furthermore, particularly post-9/11, there were many people who changed careers choosing public service as a way of giving back. We didn't want to discount those people. So we have described the candidates as "people in the first third of their career in this community." It is not exact, but, paradoxically, I think it is more accurate.

The 2008 Rising Star program will be the fourth year we have gone through this process. And we essentially have mirrored the selection process on FCW's successful and prestigious Federal 100 awards program.

But this year, we are expanding the program. For 2008, Rising Star is being presented across the 1105 Government Information Group publications. FCW will feature the policy/management winners; GCN will profile the technology winners; and Washington Technology will feature the contractor/business winners. So, there is plenty of opportunity to highlight good work.

Nominations are open and -- just because you read the FCW Insider, I'll let you know that we'll keep nominations open until at least close of business on Monday, May 5. The form is relatively easy. Just go to www.fcw.com/risingstar and it will redirect you.

And pretty much everybody in this community is eligible -- feds, state and local government workers, vendors, subcontractors. If you do work for government, you're eligible.

More on this as the week goes on, but nominate away at www.fcw.com/risingstar.

Doan's arrows -- I need a photo

OK, who was down at GSA Expo last week? Well, apparently GSA Administrator Lurita Doan showed up at expo's award ceremony covered in arrows.

One person reported that she had arrows all over her body. She even picked up her leg to show an arrow through her knee. The text of the speech even includes stage directions.

So -- for those of you who were there -- I MUST HAVE A COPY OF THE PHOTO YOU TOOK! Really! I won't say where I got it, of course. Just send it along to [email protected].

I know somebody has a photo!

Best government movie vote is on

We are also in the final throws of voting for our best government movie bracket. Frankly, this went on a bit longer then it should have, but…

The final pits Mr. Smith Goes to Washington against -- if you can believe it -- The Hunt for Red October. You can vote at www.fcw.com/polls. We'll keep the tally going until Thursday morning at 11a.m. ET.

NOTE: Only the top poll is "live." The other one will take your answer, but... we're not checking them. So just the top poll question at www.fcw.com/polls.

Transportation blog

The newest government blogger is Transportation Secretary Mary Peters.

DOT today launched its blog, creatively called The Fast Lane. It can be found at fastlane.dot.gov. Peters along with others will be posting. Peters isn't the first secretary to blog. That honor goes to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt, whose blog can be found at secretarysblog.hhs.gov/my_weblog. Leavitt spoke to NPR about his blog.

He takes his blogging quite seriously: writing from his BlackBerry at all hours, responding to comments and making sure to post several times a week.

Birthdays this week

A bunch of birthdays this week.

Today…Harvard Prof. Andrew McAfee, who FCW profiled last year and who essentially invented the term Enterprise 2.0. McAfee, who has a blog that is well worth reading, is going to be one of the keynote speakers at 1105 Government Information Group's Government Leadership Summit.

Tomorrow (April 30)... GSA CIO Casey Coleman

Tomorrow (April 30)... Kate Hudson Walker of GAO and president of the Young Government Leaders.

Thursday (May 1)... Harvard Prof. Steve Kelman, who is also an FCW columnist and blogger.

Happy birthday to all.

Posted by Christopher J. Dorobek on Apr 29, 2008 at 12:17 PM


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