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FCW Insider: FCW-WFED radio show with EPA CIO Molly O'Neill

I'm backed up posting shows from FCW's Federal News Radio show, called the Government IT Solutions Spotlight featuring Federal Computer Week and sponsored by CDW-G. The show airs each Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET on Federal News Radio AM 1050. The delay isn't totally my fault, I might add. Federal News Radio was having some issues getting the shows posted, but we seem to have worked out the issues and... I'll get to it this week.

This one is from Tuesday, June 24, but I held it in part because I didn't want it to get lost in the Fourth of July vacations. That is because it is one of my favorite programs we have done so far this year. It features Molly O'Neill, EPA's Assistant Administrator for the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) and Chief Information Officer (CIO). To put it simply, O'Neill is one of government's best and brightest. In fact, EPA has something of a history of getting some of the best CIOs. O'Neill's took over from Kim Nelson, who is now at Microsoft. Both of them are two of the brightest minds out there.

My first real dealings with O'Neill was soon after she was confirmed to the EPA CIO post and she agreed to attend 1105 GovInfo's Government Leadership Summit, which at that time was called the CIO Summit. It was the first event on all of this Web 2.0 stuff. It was a really good conference, if I do say so myself. Don Tapscott, the author of Wikinomics, was one of our keynote speakers [read Tapscott's FCW Interview here]. People came away from the Summit really charged up about the possibilities. Well, many people quickly lose that charged feeling when they get back to the daily grind. But O'Neill didn't. She has actually used these ideas and put EPA at the forefront of the government's experimentation with Web 2.0 and Government 2.0.

EPA, after all, is uniquely suited for these kinds of collaborative technologies. EPA's environmental mission involves many different groups -- federal, state and local governments, interest groups, interested people. It can be complex. Furthermore, EPA depends on others for data. And most of the environmental data is public. So all of this bodes well for using these kinds of collaborative technologies in a useful way.

With that as background, here is our conversation with EPA's rock-star CIO Molly O'Neill.

Here is some background reading:

* Back in March, as part of an 1105 GovInfo 360-degree coverage of collaboration, FCW looked at four studies in collaboration. Case study number three was the Puget Sound Information Challenge. The EPA did a white paper on the Puget Sound case. You can download the Word file [.doc]... or look at a somewhat less formatted Google doc version.

* EPA uses Web 2.0 to clean up the environment [FCW.com, Feb. 5, 2008]

* EPA was mentioned in a larger story about blogs
Feds discover gold in blog posts [May 12, 2008]

* EPA uses blog to seek ideas on info sharing [FCW.com, June 10, 2008]

* EPA seeks info-sharing ideas [FCW.com, June 13, 2008]
EPA launched a temporary blog to collect best practices on information sharing from the public.

Previous FCW radio programs...

May 20, 2008 talking collaboration with NAPA's Collaboration Project
May 27, 2008 talking mobile computing.
June 2, 2008 talking Enterprise 2.0 with Harvard Business School Associate Prof. Andrew McAfee.
June 10, 2008 talking about Virtual Alabama with the team from the Alabama Homeland Security Department.
June 17, 2008 talking about continuity of operations plans with 
GSA's Josh Sawislak, a senior adviser to the administrator at the General Services Administration and acting chief emergency response and recovery officer.

I also have them all tagged on Delicious: del.icio.us/cdorobek/fcwradio.

All of FCW's r adio spots can be found at www.fcw.com/radio.

Up coming shows...

I still have yet to post the show from July 1 featuring Harvard Prof. Steve Kelman.

On future shows... On July 8 at 10a ET on DC's Federal News Radio AM 1050, we're talking to Marty Wagner, a senior fellow with the IBM Center for the Business of Government talking the upcoming transition... and on July 15, we will talk toFCW reporter Ben Bain about this week's package on port security. Bain's story is headlined
Commerce versus security. As part of that story, Bain spent time at the ports in Baltimore, Md. and in Newport, Va., so we'll hear about what he found.

Other things we are working on... OMB's Karen Evans talking about the collection of cyber-security initiatives... DOT's Paul Brubaker and Bob Suda talking about transportation and technology... We're working to talk to Chris Rasmussen, one of the team that works on Intellipedia, about collaboration...

Show topic suggestions welcome... Send them to [email protected].

Posted by Christopher J. Dorobek on Jul 07, 2008 at 12:17 PM


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