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FCW Insider: The Aug. 13 Marty Wagner update

With a number of other, more appropriate ways of getting information, I have not been doing regular posts about Marty Wagner. In fact, it has been just about a month since my last post, and about six weeks since Wagner feel off his roof onto his head.

I have told people that I would update people if and when there were significant developments. And there has been a development: While Marty remains in a coma, he has been transferred out of George Washington Hospital to the Woodbine Nursing and Rehab Facility in Alexandria, Va.

Here is the message that was posted Saturday by his family:

Martin was discharged yesterday [Aug. 8] afternoon from GW Hospital to the Woodbine Nursing and Rehab Facility on King Street in Alexandria... The staff strike us as friendly, caring and very supportive. He will be experiencing a heavy schedule of assessment and evaluation in the next week, including whether his eye movement and his moving of his left forearm are indicative of potential to participate in rehab. ... If anyone has books on tape or CD that they are finished with, they would be welcome. As you know, Martin was particularly fond of science fiction and non-fiction. He can "listen" and be stimulated even when we are not with him. My personal thanks to all of you who offered suggestions about resources and options for his care. They were all helpful -- I am so much more informed as a result of your input. Your thoughts and prayers continue to encourage Martin, me and our family.

I mentioned this previously, but if you do have any books on tape, you can send them here and we will make sure they get to the family.

Or if you just want to send Marty or his wife, Elizabeth, or his three daughters or the family a card, we will make sure those get there. You can just send them along to:

Marty Wagner
c/o Christopher Dorobek/1105 Media
3141 Fairview Park Dr., Suite 777
Falls Church, VA 22042

If you want to get regular updates, there are two places.

* www.martywagner.info
This site was created by Bruce McConnell for Wagner's wife and they post updates there regularly.

* CarePages
I have been really impressed with CarePages.com, part of Steve Case's Revolution Health organization. CarePages is a Web site that helps the family provide information about sick family members. You can find it at carepages.com. (Once there, you have to register... and then you can search for "MartinWagner" -- no space.)

As these things go on for extended period of time, it can be easy to let Wagner or his family fall out of our thoughts. It is so easy to move on with our lives, so... stay vigilant.
I have reminded Elizabeth that if they need anything, we will take care of them. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do but send those positive thoughts toward Alexandria.

Marty and family -- I'm thinking about you all the time!

Posted by Christopher J. Dorobek on Aug 13, 2008 at 12:17 PM


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