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  • An extraordinary public servant, now a little the worse for wear

    Steve Kelman checks in with longtime VA leader Ed Meagher, who was recently honored for a lifetime of citizen service. Read More

  • Voting in Georgia: good news for democracy, bad news about govtech

    The lines for early voting in Georgia are a sign of citizen engagement, Steve Kelman writes. But they're at least partly due to a new digital voting system. Read More

  • Here we go again: 'diversity training' and government contractors

    Steve Kelman takes issue with using the government's purchasing power to push unrelated political goals. Read More

  • Cancel culture: Tales from the U.S. and China

    Steve Kelman looks at how a tale of cancel culture in the U.S. was misunderstood in China. Read More

  • Re-imagining the small-business mentor-protege model

    Steve Kelman looks at the efforts of a non-traditional contractor to bring new firms into the fold. Read More

  • Civic tech intern discovers that human-centered design is happening at the IRS

    Steve Kelman checks in on the Coding it Forward initiative. Read More

  • Feeling proud and teary-eyed about the right to vote

    How Steve Kelman's reflections on voting struck a chord in his network. Read More

  • Points of Light: A nice story for a tough time

    At a time when more social responsibility is needed, Steve Kelman notes, a 30-year-old presidential initiative is still delivering. Read More

  • COVID: We need to talk about social responsibility

    Individualism is a big part of American culture, Steve Kelman notes. But it's not the only part, and leaders must encourage others. Read More

  • What our COVID response says about public management

    Testing is all well and good, Steve Kelman notes, but true follow-through is the hard part. Read More

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