The Lectern

  • We underestimate the value of complimenting others

    Steve Kelman shares new research that suggests managers are too stingy with their praise. Read More

  • Another perspective on 18F

    Steve Kelman gets Alan Thomas' inside view on the "hoodies vs. suits" situation. Read More

  • Two tech titans take on 18F and USDS

    Steve Kelman hits a nerve regarding the civic tech crowd, and asks if the criticism is warranted. Read More

  • Seeking more civility on Facebook

    Steve Kelman discusses his pursuit of a more constructive social network. Read More

  • Innovation among feds is alive and well

    Steve Kelman shares some survey data on how career executives see innovation in their agencies. Read More

  • Don't keep Trump off Twitter

    Steve Kelman contends that free speech -- above and beyond the letter of the First Amendment -- should be supported to the fullest extent possible. Read More

  • COVID, black swans and gray rhinos

    Steven Kelman suggests we should spend more time planning for the known risks on the horizon. Read More

  • Non-traditional small IT contractors: 'A well-established niche that is here to stay'

    Steve Kelman check in with another startup firm finding its way into government IT. Read More

  • Against online disinhibition

    Steve Kelman (who has learned some new acronyms lately) argues that we need more civility in these challenging times. Read More

  • Creating an infrastructure for procurement innovation at DHS

    Steve Kelman checks in on the Department of Homeland Security's Procurement Innovation Lab, and finds valuable lessons for other agencies. Read More

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