The Lectern

  • The brighter side of Facebook

    Steve Kelman doesn't dispute Facebook's problems with disinformation and extremism, but he notes that the social media platform can also produce real dialogue and respect -- if one is willing to put in the effort. Read More

  • Earning trust from others -- a CIA veteran's suggestions

    Steve Kelman turns to an unusual source for IT leadership lessons. Read More

  • A government IT 'public benefit corporation' works to benefit the public

    Steve Kelman checks in with Nava on the efforts to balance profitable business and civic-minded federal contracting. Read More

  • What makes hackathons work

    Steve Kelman share recent research on how successful hackathon teams turn out functioning products. Read More

  • Government-industry communication, the Soraya Correa way

    Steve Kelman takes a look at the former DHS chief procurement officer's push for reverse industry days and other dialogue-drivers. Read More

  • A tribute to Soraya Correa, DHS' procurement icon

    Steve Kelman reflects on a 40-year career that brought real innovation to federal acquisition. Read More

  • Public libraries and government innovation

    Steve Kelman notes an example of government reinvention at the very local level. Read More

  • What ever happened to innovation in government?

    Steve Kelman wonders whether the federal IT community has lost its focus on truly transforming the way government functions. Read More

  • Worries from a Democrat about the Biden administration and federal procurement

    Steve Kelman is concerned that the push for more spending with small disadvantaged businesses will detract from the goal of getting the best deal for agencies and taxpayers. Read More

  • What not to say

    Steve Kelman approves of a strategy of avoiding judgmental words and phrases when delivering a critique or bad news. Read More

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