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  • What to make of OMB's crackdown on 'rogue' laptop and desktop purchases

    Steve Kelman applauds the effort to channel commodity IT buys into three major GWACS, but argues that settling on five basic configurations is a step too far. Read More

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  • Smiley faces come to federal government customer service

    Users of certain U.S. government services can now rate their customer experience in one easy step, bringing a big smile to Steve Kelman's face. Read More

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  • and change in government

    Steve Kelman contends that challenges and other pay-for-success procurements are proof that government can reinvent for the better. Read More

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  • Steps any manager can take to improve team performance

    Steve Kelman flags another management technique that motivated agency leaders could implement today. Read More

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  • 'Data-driven reviews' and agency performance

    Steve Kelman takes heart that so many agency heads are leading "STAT"-style meetings. Read More

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  • To contract better, does government need more in-house experts?

    Steve Kelman asserts that the emphasis on contracting's front end is unwise -- and that subject-specific expertise is sorely needed for better contract management. Read More

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  • Are you caring enough to give tough feedback?

    Communicating constructively about employees' shortcomings is hard. Steve Kelman seeks some input on one management expert's suggestions. Read More

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  • Vision and values: Craft your message carefully

    Steve Kelman reports on a brilliant, practical academic study that shows a straightforward way leaders can boost organizational performance. Read More

  • 'Nudge' your way to better government management

    Steve Kelman applauds the executive order on "behavioral insights" and argues that the same principles should be applied to agencies' internal operations. Read More

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  • 4 hopes for better contracting in fiscal 2016

    Steve Kelman considers what needs to happen to improve IT acquisition — and how likely we are to see it. Read More

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