The Lectern

  • As others see us -- a few surprises

    A recent dinner with civil servants from Asia delivered some interesting insights, Steve Kelman writes. Read More

  • How to have a good debate at your next meeting

    Steve Kelman notes that the whole point of meetings is to have substantive discussions. He shares some suggestions for making sure that happens. Read More

  • More proof that government innovation can come from anywhere

    Steve Kelman reports on a creative solution that could save lives in crowded emergency situations. Read More

  • When government gets it right

    Steve Kelman reports on an encounter with exceptional service, and considers what agencies need to deliver such an experience. Read More

  • Good enough for government work?

    Steve Kelman seeks to reclaim the original meaning of the now-disparaging catchphrase. Read More

  • Fight waste and fraud with tech

    Nick Sinai and Steve Kelman contend that a great way to "drain the swamp" is to fix the Do Not Pay shared service that was created to combat fraudulent and improper payments. Read More

  • Another new face of government IT contractors

    Steve Kelman talks with the CEO of a public benefit corporation focused on federal work. Read More

  • An important new guide to agile

    Steve Kelman applauds a new resource for agencies looking to put agile into action. Read More

  • My Boston airport lost and found stories: good government, good citizens

    Sometimes, Steve Kelman writes, the system works. Read More

  • HHS' opioid code-a-thon: Challenges go mainstream and mission-critical

    Steve Kelman suggests the upcoming HHS contest could mark a new maturity for challenges as a procurement tool. Read More

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