The Lectern

  • GSA's blockchain blockbuster

    Steve Kelman goes deep with Jose Arrieta about GSA's work to bring distributed ledger technology into the acquisition process. Read More

  • Are USDS and 18F becoming part of the govtech ecosystem?

    Steve Kelman talks to both digital recruits and longtime feds about the benefits -- and lingering tensions -- that come from digital service teams. Read More

  • Do children of the wealthy grow up to be bad managers and leaders?

    Steve Kelman explores a new research paper that connects income inequality to narcissism and leader effectiveness. Read More

  • The next big thing in IT procurement

    Steve Kelman talks to the agencies that have embraced tech demos in their acquisition efforts -- and urges others in government to give it a try. Read More

  • How to work with a bad listener

    Steve Kelman shares some exceedingly practical advice for the workplace. Read More

  • How a Taiwanese government innovation could solve a peculiarly American problem

    An anonymous government official solved a dispute of historical memory that threatened to tear the social fabric of a society just as it embraced democracy. Read More

  • Walking toward change

    A father-daughter story about cancer recovery and organizational improvement. Read More

  • Meet the new face of government IT contractors (part 2)

    Steve Kelman connects with another FLASH winner to discuss different ways of delivering IT. Read More

  • Meet the new face of federal IT contractors

    Steve Kelman hopes the vendors who won DHS' now-cancelled agile services contract are not just a flash in the pan. Read More

  • A good-news story about cost control

    The cost performance of DOD's weapons systems has been improving recently, and it hasn't been by accident. Read More

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