The Lectern

  • Missing from this shutdown: the usual bureaucrat-bashing

    Steve Kelman notes (happily) that federal workers are being viewed as real people, rather than part of the problem. Read More

  • Barriers to entry in the federal marketplace -- they're not what you think

    Steve Kelman shares some surprising evidence on what really gives would-be contractors pause. Read More

  • Agile without the baggage

    Steve Kelman shares a compelling argument that agencies should skip the buzzwords and simply embrace the principles of better software development. Read More

  • Fun stories -- some involving tech -- from Sweden

    Steve Kelman finds shifting influences, a domain-name dispute and some questionable marketing campaigns. Read More

  • Note to government: Start talking like everybody else!

    Steve Kelman takes issue with jargon that serves mainly to create artificial distinctions from the private sector. Read More

  • A civic tech summer fellow becomes a full-time fed

    Steve Kelman reports that Coding it Forward is turning temporary college-break postings into longer-term public service commitments. Read More

  • How contracting officers want to use the new micropurchase threshold

    Steve Kelman's recent talk with feds reinforced his view that a $10,000 micropurchase limit opens up vast new acquisition possibilities. Read More

  • 6 observations on the state of China

    Steve Kelman shares what he learned on a recent 10-day visit. Read More

  • A government contractor crosses over to USDS

    Steve Kelman reports on what prompted Kelly O'Connor to take an rather unusual career turn. Read More

  • Steve's peeve about a common contracting phrase

    When it comes to discussion of government contracts, Steve Kelman contends that "the L word" comes up far too often. Read More

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