The Lectern

  • A government contractor crosses over to USDS

    Steve Kelman reports on what prompted Kelly O'Connor to take an rather unusual career turn. Read More

  • Steve's peeve about a common contracting phrase

    When it comes to discussion of government contracts, Steve Kelman contends that "the L word" comes up far too often. Read More

  • Will civic tech save government from its tech talent crisis?

    Students drawn to digital government are bringing desperately needed skills (and enthusiasm) to agencies that are willing to engage, Steve Kelman writes. Read More

  • Project management vs. product management

    Steve Kelman argues that government innovation needs more of the latter. Read More

  • Employee empowerment and improved performance: The missing link

    It has long been assumed that empowering employees can boost an organization's performance, Steve Kelman notes, but new research finally delivers the data to prove it. Read More

  • Should federal contracting be more like Airbnb?

    Steve Kelman believes a lighter touch and a bit more trust could transform today's compliance culture. Read More

  • Is the federal tech community fed up with Trump?

    After the president's provocative appearance with Russia's Vladimir Putin, Steve Kelman finds that some measured, establishment IT leaders are speaking out. Read More

  • The rise of the microconsultants

    Steve Kelman reports that changes to the micropurchase threshold have opened the door to buying services by government credit card -- and predicts that the impact could be huge. Read More

  • How can we motivate feds without monetary incentives?

    Are there ways to motivate employees to work harder and perform better other than through monetary incentives? Read More

  • Agile at DOD -- going beyond sticky notes and standing meetings

    Steve Kelman reports on how the military is applying agile and DevOps to Pentagon-scale projects. Read More

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