The Lectern

  • Let's call Dr. Fauci by his proper title -- public servant

    Steve Kelman argues that Americans need to understand the essential contributions civil servants make to our society's mix. Read More

  • A traditional program manager joins the rebellion

    Steve Kelman reports on the internally driven innovation taking place in the Air Force's BESPIN program. Read More

  • This management tool can help your organization perform better -- and make YOU feel better too!

    Steve Kelman argues that we all should be much more willing to ask for help. Read More

  • How to present data to an audience

    Steve Kelman shares some tips for keeping a data-driven message compelling, not confusing. Read More

  • Carrots or sticks?

    Steve Kelman considers the research on what makes for an effective motivator. Read More

  • The power of bad

    Steve Kelman shares insights from a new book about negativity and the importance of seeking out the positive. Read More

  • Does strategic planning help organizations?

    Steve Kelman notes growing support for strategic planning efforts -- and the steps agencies take to keep those plans relevant. Read More

  • Government at work -- curbing curbside congestion

    Steve Kelman looks at another area where civil servants are quietly working to make our lives better. Read More

  • A government agile veteran reflects

    Steve Kelman talks with the Navy's Justin Fanelli about lessons learned over a decade of federal agile projects. Read More

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