The Lectern

  • When government gets it right

    Steve Kelman reports on an encounter with exceptional service, and considers what agencies need to deliver such an experience. Read More

  • Good enough for government work?

    Steve Kelman seeks to reclaim the original meaning of the now-disparaging catchphrase. Read More

  • Fight waste and fraud with tech

    Nick Sinai and Steve Kelman contend that a great way to "drain the swamp" is to fix the Do Not Pay shared service that was created to combat fraudulent and improper payments. Read More

  • Another new face of government IT contractors

    Steve Kelman talks with the CEO of a public benefit corporation focused on federal work. Read More

  • An important new guide to agile

    Steve Kelman applauds a new resource for agencies looking to put agile into action. Read More

  • My Boston airport lost and found stories: good government, good citizens

    Sometimes, Steve Kelman writes, the system works. Read More

  • HHS' opioid code-a-thon: Challenges go mainstream and mission-critical

    Steve Kelman suggests the upcoming HHS contest could mark a new maturity for challenges as a procurement tool. Read More

  • GSA's blockchain blockbuster

    Steve Kelman goes deep with Jose Arrieta about GSA's work to bring distributed ledger technology into the acquisition process. Read More

  • Are USDS and 18F becoming part of the govtech ecosystem?

    Steve Kelman talks to both digital recruits and longtime feds about the benefits -- and lingering tensions -- that come from digital service teams. Read More

  • Do children of the wealthy grow up to be bad managers and leaders?

    Steve Kelman explores a new research paper that connects income inequality to narcissism and leader effectiveness. Read More

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