The Lectern

  • The rise of the microconsultants

    Steve Kelman reports that changes to the micropurchase threshold have opened the door to buying services by government credit card -- and predicts that the impact could be huge. Read More

  • How can we motivate feds without monetary incentives?

    Are there ways to motivate employees to work harder and perform better other than through monetary incentives? Read More

  • Agile at DOD -- going beyond sticky notes and standing meetings

    Steve Kelman reports on how the military is applying agile and DevOps to Pentagon-scale projects. Read More

  • Code for America, civic tech and DOD

    Defense Department digital experts were invited to speak at the recent CfA Summit, and some attendees took offense. Steve Kelman argues that civic tech should embrace such debates. Read More

  • A new government digital services playbook

    Steve Kelman applauds another effort to share knowledge across the contractor community. Read More

  • China's new challenges to the U.S.

    In technology, politics, economics and ideology, the U.S.-China tensions are growing. Read More

  • How Harvard is helping government do digital better

    Steve Kelman reports on the results of a project-based Kennedy School course on public-sector innovation. Read More

  • USDS in action

    Steve Kelman digs into the actual mechanics of a U.S. Digital Service team's partnership with a particular agency. Read More

  • Striking a blow for agile with DOD weapons systems

    If the Defense Department truly embraces agile, Steve Kelman argues, it would be a critical and much-needed tipping point for government innovation. Read More

  • When the U.S. is a tech laggard

    While the United States dominates many areas of IT, Steve Kelman notes that the hotspots for certain sectors are clearly clustered elsewhere. Read More

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