• Shutterstock image: software development.

    DARPA looks to strengthen software

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to develop software "that is inherently resilient to attack." Read More

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  • Shutterstock image: digital records overlay.

    OPM wants to know who can manage electronic records

    The current contract expires Aug. 23, and OPM anticipates issuing an official request for proposals and making an award between Aug. 11 and Aug. 23. Read More

  • United States Army logo.

    Army looks to beef up Cyber Battle Lab

    The cyber lab at Fort Gordon is projected to have "initial operating capability" in October. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: Cloud concept.

    Joint Interoperability Test Command looks for cloud certification

    JTIC wants help determining if it can be a 3PAO for cloud security. Read More

  • Shutterstock image (by NREY): digital fingerprint identification.

    Sandia seeks to commercialize unclonable ID tech

    The lab is looking for industry help to turn its research into practical authentication solutions. Read More

  • IBM

    IARPA wants a quantum leap

    The intelligence community's research shop has released an RFP to help it make quantum computing a practical big-data solution. Read More

  • Shutterstock editorial image (by Gil C): State Census Bureau homepage.

    Census hopes mobile approach works in 2020

    The Census Bureau is testing more Internet-based response options and hoping to leverage mobile technology to deliver a more accurate count. Read More

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  • Shutterstock image: looking for code.

    Justice Department needs a few good hackers

    DOJ wants help finding their own security flaws before the bad guys get there. Read More

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  • Shutterstock image: cooperation, pieces to the puzzle.

    IARPA looks to the crowd

    The intelligence R&D lab wants a platform for crowdsourcing the development and refining of arguments. Read More

  • Shutterstock image: black data center with white floors and ceiling.

    HP, CSC targeted for data center support

    DHS says the sole-source solicitations are necessary to maintain continuity of mission critical services. Read More

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