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Sep 28 - Oct 01

Baltimore, MD

Hilton Baltimore

This fall, OASIS will launch the FIRST ANNUAL “Emergency Interoperability Summit”. The Summit, part of this year's NIEM Training Event, will take place on the 29 September-1 October 2009. It will showcase interoperable applications and tools that support OASIS Emergency Management standards, including the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards. Attendees of the EI Summit and the NIEM training event will have ample opportunities to view InterOp demonstrations throughout the event. Demonstrations will address the operational and economic benefits, as well as coherent frameworks that enable a more accurate, rapid, coordinated emergency response. The OASIS Emergency Management standards will be highlighted, as part of this coherent framework for EM data interoperability. The Summit is being held as an effort to demonstrate the value of interoperable solutions to participants from the worldwide EM community, industry, institutions and government agencies. All are invited to join these vital, on-going standardization and industry adoption efforts. This work includes: * the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), an Open Standard for Alert and Warning Messages in any medium; * the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) Family, a set of Open Standards for Emergency IT that provides an workable interoperability framework through: Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) Specification that makes packaging and distributing any kind of Digital Emergency Communication Payload or set of payloads possible in a uniform way; Resource Messaging (EDXL-RM) Specification that provides the means for a uniform method of arranging and accounting for logistical operations that allows responders to do their jobs while the resources are managed as automatically as possible; Hospital Availability Exchange (EDXL-HAVE) Specification that provides the means for a uniform method of reporting a snapshot of available healthcare facilities, equipment and personnel during emergencies; and, Work underway on a Situation Reporting (EDXL-SitRep) Specification that will provide the means for a uniform method of reporting critical information for EM decision making in the most timely way It's an exciting time to join a new kind of movement and community dedicated to continuously improving Emergency Management and Emergency Response throughout the entire lifecycle of emergency incidents and events: * from planning and preparations through, * response operations and remediation operations to, * after-action analysis and evaluation leading to a new cycle of improved planning and preparations and so on. Join the community and start making a difference now. OASIS and the Emergency Management Member Section invites all levels of government organizations internationally, along with emergency managers and those from the vendor community  to join us this fall at our "FIRST ANNUAL" Emergency Interoperability Summit. The Summit will serve as an important vehicle, helping OASIS bring closer coordination among first responders, policy makers, legislators, government agencies and the software vendor community. This is a chance for all to see what is in development, what interoperable solutions are being implemented today, and a chance for stakeholders to express their actual needs. Come witness real-world interoperability demonstrations and listen to the experts on what interoperability actually means to the public.

Participation is open to members of OASIS, as well as non-members. The program is specifically directed to emergency management leaders and professionals, including (but not limited to): * National and International Government Officials * Policy Maker and Legislators * Congressional Staffers and Federal Officials, with a role in homeland security and emergency management * Disaster Planning and Preparedness Managers * Response Coordinators * Emergency Communications Managers * Private Industry Contingency Planners * Contract Services Providers * Local, State, National Government Officials * Non-profit Associations, supporting emergency & standard activities * Researchers * Civil Preparedness Officials

Cost: 195 USD for government employees; 395 USD for non-government employees; InterOp participation is also available - see website for more details

Contact Name: Jane Harnad

ph: 978-667-5115 ext 214 email: [email protected]

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630 Boston Road
Billericia, MA. 01821

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