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Sep 22 - 24

Tampa, FL

Tampa Convention Center

Biometrics, the electronic verification of individuals using biological traits, has applications in numerous sectors, including law enforcement, first responder, banking, and technology. The conference sessions will focus on biometric technologies for defense, homeland security, identity management, border crossing, and electronic commerce. Speakers include internationally recognized experts in biometric technologies, system and application developers, IT business strategists, and government and commercial officers. Sessions will address how biometrics are being used in industry and government to identify employees and to control access to buildings and computers, as well as in transportation, border control and national identity cards. Advances in technologies including facial recognition and voice verification will also be discussed. In addition, the first IEEE Conference on Biometrics, Identity and Security (BIdS) will be co-located with the conference in order to provide a unique venue in the community to bring together academic, industry, and government scientists alongside system practitioners and programmatic personnel needed to shape next-generation systems. BIdS is organized and sponsored by the IEEE Biometrics Council. These keynote speakers will provide their perspectives on biometric technologies: • The Honorable Zachary J. Lemnios, Director, Defense Research and Engineering and DoD Chief Technology Officer • Mr. Louis E. Grever, Executive Assistant Director, Science and Technology Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation • Mr. John M. (Mike) McConnell, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Former Director of National Intelligence The co-located biometric technology expo, sponsored by AFCEA International, will feature over 80 industry suppliers showcasing the latest in fingerprint/facial/iris/earlobe recognition, voice verification, retina scan, hand geometry, signature verification, civil and criminal ID, point of sales authentication, and surveillance. There is a registration fee to attend the conference; a pass to tour the technology expo is free. For registration and details visit www.biometricconference.com.

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AFCEA International

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