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Nov 05

Washington, DC

TechAmerica David Packard Conference Center

Background Data breaches have been in the public eye for almost five years. On the positive side, government entities are standing up new organizations to respond to data breaches and using innovative approaches. Remediation responses to data breaches are also getting smarter and more sophisticated. At the same time, the risks from data breaches are changing. Beyond just identity theft risks, medical data breaches now are focusing the public’s attention on privacy compromises. In addition, the widespread adoption of social networking sites has created new types of breach harms. What happens when President Obama’s Twitter account gets hacked or if the Facebook account of a public official gets misused? Social Networking accounts are already being hacked to conduct phishing attacks. This event will explore the next generation of response to data breaches as well as emerging challenges. Topics * Implementation of OMB breach guidelines * How Federal agencies operationalize and internalize responses to data breach threats * Breach and ID theft reporting * ID theft and management in social networking platforms * Combating medical identity theft Speakers Thomas Oscherwitz (Moderator), Vice President of Government Affairs & Chief Privacy Officer, ID Analytics, Inc. and Chair, TechAmerica ID Management Committee Dianne Usry, Deputy Director, Incident Management, Office for Privacy, Information Protection and Data Securty, IRS Ian Glazer, Senior Analyst, Identity and Privacy Strategies, Burton Group Dan Steinberg, Associate, Booz-Allen Hamilton Rick Kam, President, ID Experts OMB, invited

Federal agencies, contractors, and subcontractors

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