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Feb 18

Washington, DC


Industry analysts have shown that software development projects are successful approximately 20% of the time. How low is the success probability of an enterprise initiative? How does your Agency plan for the successful implementation of major enterprise initiatives? How do you know if something is going amiss? How do you show OMB your plan for success? How do you show your ROI on your performance improvements? The Department of Health and Human Services has developed an enterprise lifecycle plan that they have issued to their operating divisions, and this plan is being picked up by other Agencies as well. But what, exactly, does it mean? Does it help you? What do you need to do to implement this plan? BusinessGenetics has modeled this enterprise life-cycle plan also adding in elements of the PMI Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the BusinessGenetics methodology. In the meantime, the US Forest Service has developed a model of their business solutions life-cycle plan. How are these two models different? The same? Which aspects would best suit your organization and would allow you to show the highest value? Get a front row seat for the best duel in 2010 between the US Forest Service's Business Solution Life-cycle and the BusinessGenetics Business Initiative Model. Who will come out on top? Register today to make sure you have a front row seat to this event.

CIO, VP Information Technology, Project Managers, Department Managers

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Contact Name: Pamela Power

ph: 720.266.1024 fx: 720.266.1030 email: [email protected]

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