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Apr 14 - 16

San Francisco, CA

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Key Forum topics include: What are the current standards that enable companies to do business in international markets, including procurement of translation and development of multicultural support? What other standards are needed? How do new and emerging technologies—crowdsourcing, machine translation, translation automation, etc.—impact your supply chain for global content and what are their process implications? How do they impact cost, quality, and time to market? What are the implications of using public/open processes (like crowdsourcing) to localize confidential information? How can you be certain what services you are buying and at what price? How can you integrate globalization processes into your broader business practices? What are the best ways to ensure that your products “just work,” regardless of language and culture differences? How do you define the best business model for outsourcing globalization services and product development? How do you identify the best partners to support your model? What are the best practices for working with internal procurement departments to obtain globalization services? The ERP vision: What technology investments must buyers make? What technology investments are required from globalization technology suppliers to help buyers manage cost, resources, assets, quality, and time?

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