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Sep 28

Washington, DC


DCAA Compliance - Is Your Firm at Risk? If your firm is considering going after government contracts, or has recently been awarded a government contract, then you need to understand the risks involved under DCAA's audit rules. Federal contractors with systems built on generic software tools with extensive workarounds, especially small to medium sized firms using popular software like QuickBooks, are at risk of DCAA compliance failure. Those firms with cost accounting and internal control systems that the DCAA understands and trusts, are in a much better position to catch deficiencies early and achieve a "passing grade." Your company's accounting system is required to be more than just an internal software tool. These systems must provide required information to DCAA in a competitive market where RFP deadlines, compliance rules and razor-thin profit margins demand instant access to accurate data and contract management tools. http://dcaacompliance.eventbrite.com/?utm_source=webinar&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DCAA%2BComplianceJoin us for a one-hour webinar on September 28, 2010 at 1:30 pm EST, where we will illustrate to what degree your firm is at risk of DCAA Compliance failure and the requirements you must meet. We will cover topics including: • Why you should be concerned about this if you provide services to the Government • The 5 levels of compliance risk and what puts you in these categories • Risk management strategies • What to expect from a DCAA audit and how you can minimize your exposure • Test your firms' DCAA readiness with our DCAA Compliance Risk Assessment tool

Federal Government Contractors

Registration Opens: 08/23/2010 Cost: Free

Contact Name: Katie Sanner

ph: 877.241.6431 email: [email protected]

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