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Sep 27 - 28

Washington, DC

World Bank Headquarters

Governments around the world today are delivering more efficient, effective and accessible services to their citizens, despite dealing with constantly changing new technologies and modes of communication that expose them to unprecedented cyber security risks. Policy leaders and program managers are confronted daily by major security, privacy and trust challenges from both policy and implementation perspectives. Identity management, access and associated security technologies are critical components of e-government. Open standards and their integration across emerging federated infrastructures are beginning to bring both order and solutions to these challenges. Innovative identity solutions are being implemented in collaborative efforts between governments and private sector organizations today, including major federated identity initiatives, national approaches to secure online transactions, new privacy models, and focused efforts to secure health IT, smart grid, and cloud computing environments. Much can be learned from these implementations. Identity Management 2010 is dedicated to facilitating the open exchange of information between governments and technology experts on such issues and solutions. Representatives from governments and industry around the world will come together to learn and share information about the important and relevant technology development, implementation, risk management challenges and success stories. The conference will help both government officials and private sector organizations contribute, disseminate knowledge, and learn from each others' work. The international dimension to this conference program recognizes the global cyber infrastructure, and will bring together expert practitioners focusing on breaking down cultural, geo-political and technical barriers to improved security, privacy and trust in online systems everywhere.

Senior-level officials from public sectors will join with top executives in the Security, Privacy, Trust and related Technology fields.

Registration Opens: 07/15/2010

Contact Name: Jane Harnad

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