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Nov 10

National Harbor, MD

The Sunset Room, 137 National Plaza, Third Floor

The Agenda for the Technical Exchange Meeting includes these timely topics: * Extreme Processing: John Meyers, Executive IT Architect, will discuss how to replace legacy Sun Systems with Next Generation innovative Modular building blocks for processing and storage. IBM's Power 7 ™ and SONAS™ based solutions are exactly the right fit. IBM was the developer of the first Defense Intelligence Computer and the first disk drive. We know Extreme Processing. Let us demonstrate the best way to architect your next system and how to develop a scalable infrastructure. * Cybersecurity: Dave McQueeny, CTO IBM Federal, will talk about new cutting edge cyber ca-pabilities. STREAMS ™ helps organizations detect millions of access requests and make sense of sophisticated cyber attacks. Using Gaurdium™ database analysis tool you can identify unautho-rized access to database data. These break-through technologies along with IBM Internet Security Services organization allow a complete cyber capability. * Entity Resolution and Data Management: Imagine connecting billions of records across systems giving analysts the data needed to connect the dots regardless of organizational and geo-political boundary, consider insider threat, or tribal disambiguation problem space for example. Dave McQueeny will highlight the IBM capabilities that exist today that will allow organizations to find a particular needle in a stack of needles. * Advanced Real Time analytics: Dave McQueeny will outline how IBM has distinguished itself and is continuing to distinguish itself as the IT company that can help your organization make the jump from transactions to interactions, from perfecting your past to inventing your future, and from having to react to customers' changing needs to being able to anticipate and meet them. Cloud Computing: Dave McQueeny will highlight how using enterprise-caliber cloud integration for public, private and hybrid models can help you take advantage of IBM's cloud service delivery model without compromising security. See cloudburst automatic machine provisioning demonstration including workflow, scheduling, and deployment.

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