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Nov 18

San Antonio, TX

Embassy Suites

Securing the Human with Lance Spitzner Thursday, November 18, 2010 7:15pm - 8:15pm Register for This Talk Only If You Have NOT Registered for any SANS San Antonion 2010 Courses. Enrich your conference experience! Evening talks given by our faculty and selected subject matter experts help you broaden your knowledge, get the most for your training dollar, and hear from the voices that matter in computer security. Organizations have traditionally invested most of their security in technology, with little effort in protecting their employees. As a result, many attackers today target the weakest link, the human. Awareness, not just technology, has become key to reducing risk and remaining compliant. This high-level talk designed for management explains why humans are so vulnerable, how they are being actively exploited and what organizations can do about it. Key points include: -How humans are nothing more than another type of operating system, albeit a highly vulnerable one -Why humans are so bad at judging risk and how attackers exploit these vulnerabilities - How an effective awareness program patches these vulnerabilities and reduces risk. - How to develop a modular and flexible program that reach multi-cultures. - How to create and effectively use metrics.

Cost: $49

Contact Name: SANS Institute

ph: (301) 654-SANS (7267) email: [email protected]

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SANS Institute

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