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Jan 25 - 27

Arlington, VA

Government Horizons Training Center

Introduction to FAR is intended for students interested in gaining a basic understanding of how to most effectively use the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Although the FAR is a very detailed and complex regulation, contracting parties in the federal Government marketplace must know the terms and conditions of the contracts they enter into. This course will improve the ability of students to select the right clauses, identify the correct procedures and improve their bargaining position during negotiations. In addition, students will learn how to keep up with changes to the FAR so they can always be sure that they have the latest and most relevant information. Rather than using a text book about the FAR, each student will receive a personal copy of the FAR which will be used as the course manual. This approach ensures that students will become familiar with the source document, which will enable them to immediately apply the knowledge they gain through this informative three-day session. The course is taught by knowledgeable, highly skilled instructors who have a wealth of practical experience and know how to present complex material in an easily understandable manner. The key points in the class will be emphasized with practical exercises to reinforce the lessons learned and to provide the students with opportunities to apply the FAR to realistic scenarios. This approach ensures that every student will return to work with improved skills and the confidence to apply them to virtually any acquisition situation. You'll Take Home * An up-to-date copy of the FAR * A checklist of generally allowable and unallowable costs * A chapter-by-chapter synopsis of important provisions, and more

Who Should Attend: * Agency Program Managers * Budget and Financial Officers * General Counsel * Contracts Administrators * Procurement Executives * Program Managers * Federal support contractors * Federal product and services suppliers, systems integrators

Registration Opens: 10/18/2010

Contact Name: Customer Service

ph: 703-412-9283 x222 email: [email protected]

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Government Horizons Inc.

United States

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