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Nov 28 - 30

Singapore, HI


Coastal Surveillance is the efforts taken by government agencies to watch and monitor the maritime environment and ensure they have a clear picture/understanding of what is taking place in their waterways. These initiatives are in place for numerous reasons such as piracy, terrorism, fishery regulation, drug trafficking, sea robbery, maritime safety, shipping, disaster management, immigration and border protection etc. In addition, many government agencies have a stake in the coastal surveillance efforts including Defence (MoD), Navy, Customs, Police Coast Guard, Maritime Authorities, Transport Ministry, Ministry of Fisheries etc. Key issues of Coastal Surveillance include:  The ability to combine all the various resources to attain an over-arching maritime domain strategy  Anti-piracy operations  Matching risk levels with security investments and mechanisms  Illegal smuggling: human, drugs, weapons etc.  International collaboration and national inter-agency collaboration  Standardising and syncing individual platforms and technologies  Search & Rescue and disaster management efforts  Environmental and fisheries protection

- Naval Attache - Defence/Defense Attache/Advisor - Staff Officer - Chief Officer - Commanding Officer - Commander - Maritime Officer - Operations Officer - Project Officer - Program Officer - Border Security

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Contact Name: Rani Kuppusamy

ph: 65 6722 9399 email: [email protected]

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