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Dec 14

Washington, DC

The Caucus Room

Whether we’re ready for it or not, the next generation of computing is fast approaching. The cloud, virtualization, and application delivery are all the start of something much, much bigger. Long gone will be the days of the Microsoft or Oracle “shops”. In this new world, an application is an application, is an application, and it won’t matter whose name is on the bits and bytes as long as it works. That means integration is the key. If it takes more than one vendor to provide the services your customers demand, then so be it. But, until that fateful day when every vendor holds hands and agrees on a set of open standards that we can all live by, we’ll have to make it work on our own. That means we need to do some serious “out-of-the-box” thinking. And that’s what this conversation is about: thinking (and talking) about integration. Join F5 Networks and Carahsoft to learn about: * Making web services interoperable * Converting different kinds of authentication into a single, consistent form * IPv6 interoperability with IPv4 * Converting proprietary messaging into a common language framework Questions? Contact us. The F5 Government Team at Carahsoft Technology Corp. 877-95-F5GOV (Toll-Free) [email protected] www.carahsoft.com/f5 Interested but cannot attend at this time? Sign up or contact us for future access to the archived presentation.

Cost: Complimentary Luncheon

Contact Name: The F5 Government Team

ph: 877-95-F5GOV email: [email protected]

Company Info:

Carahsoft Technology Corp.

12369 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Suite D2
Washington, DC. 20004 United States

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