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Jun 21

Reston, VA


To a social engineer intent on extracting data, the modern office reads like an open book. Over-the-shoulder reconnaissance reveals what is available, where it is, and who has access to it – all the ingredients an adversary needs to succeed at a data breach. Organizations that focus exclusively on network security may keep out external attackers, but that’s not enough to prevent insider-driven breaches. Studies of security breaches by the U.S. Secret Service, Verizon Business, Carnegie Mellon and others consistently reveal that up to 50% of incidents are being caused by insiders. Social engineers have proven to be adept at maneuvering around strong controls to exploit points of weakness, including simply looking over someone’s shoulder to steal information directly from the screen. Register now to hear Dr. Bill Anderson, CEO and Founder of Oculis Labs, as he talks about a new generation in insider threat prevention system that addresses the over-the-shoulder observer risk and provides audit logs of incidents for compliance and reporting purposes. Key benefits of Oculis Labs’ PrivateEye Enterprise include: * An embedded webcam and computer vision technology to protect against and report on eavesdroppers * Face recognition reducing the need for passwords * Zero configuration client installation – no server needed

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Contact Name: Stephanie Crews

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Carahsoft Technology Corp.

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