Is federal financial management stuck in the 20th century?

More than three decades after legislation codifying the role of the chief financial officer was passed into law, functions like budget authority, cost and performance data and many other CFO-related functions are often spread out among different agency officials.

Turning a page

Steve Kelman reflects on his impending retirement.

Policing the wild frontiers of digital communications

Federal agencies need the right policies and the right tech to preserve employee texts, chats and instant messages.

Is the Biden administration's management agenda getting back on track?

On the federal contracting front, reforms seem to be working better in practice than in theory.

On Tax Day, it’s time for a more equitable and accessible way to file

The IRS has the infrastructure and data in place to provide taxpayers with a free and equitable e-filing system of its own.

Smarter risk analysis can help tax agencies crack down on identity fraud

With the right data, agencies can better drive positive interactions with legitimate constituents while mitigating fraud risk.

The challenges of collective cyber defense

The federal government can leverage existing tools to meet some of the most demanding operational challenges posed by the national cybersecurity strategy.

Why formal government communications work better than informal ones

A study looks at how expectations of government style influence how citizens respond to messaging.

Why it's time for a pivot on digital identity

COMMENTARY | The White House should rethink their approach to reducing identity theft in public benefits to align with the broader objective outlined in the National Cybersecurity Strategy—one that would invest in digital identity infrastructure that can reduce identity theft and cybercrime in every sector.

Okay boomers—listen up!

Steve Kelman remembers the savage beats of the great Tom Lehrer.

Three ways federal agencies can align with the equity executive order

Knowing who to reach, customizing communications and leveraging data are key to making the Biden administration's executive order on delivering benefits and services to underserved communities work in practice.

Dissenting from our toxic political culture

Steve Kelman says it's important in this highly partisan era to find points of disagreement with one's own party.

Federal procurement is poised for reform—here's what to keep in mind

Increased collaboration between the private and public sectors will help all parties involved understand how best to modernize government systems while minimizing potential disruptions to critical operations.

Why it's time to supercharge data infrastructure funding

Advances in technology have set the stage for pivotal collaborations between computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians and domain scientists—but government needs to pitch in.

Building accountability into the coming spyware ban

A long-anticipated executive order to block foreign commercial spyware should also come with accountability for companies that neglect cybersecurity best practices.

Remembering Professor Carter

Steve Kelman reflects on the former defense secretary's life in government and academia.

Measuring for management

Steve Kelman is impressed with how today's senior federal civilian and military managers approach performance data.