The U.S. military is buying electric jet-ski robots

Tests will see whether battery-powered personal watercraft can help with search-and-rescue

U.S. soldiers offer a virtual help desk for Ukraine fighters

U.S. maintenance specialists communicate via encrypted chatrooms to help Ukrainians modify and repair weapons.

The Air Force has a plan to #fixourcomputers and more

After airman complaints go viral, USAF CIO promises to make the service’s IT more generally reliable and capable.

Defense firms sound inflation alarm as Congress mulls 2023 budget

One trade association says Pentagon would lose $110 billion in buying power.

Space chief nominee worried about launchpad ‘traffic jams’

The Space Force will “need to look at other opportunities” as launch cadence grows, Lt. Gen. Chance Saltzman told lawmakers.

U.S. trails China in key tech areas, new report warns

Ex-Google, DOD leaders paint dire picture unless U.S. organizes to win technology races.

DOD's game plan for inflation relief

A new memo from the Pentagon's pricing chief gives contracting officers a framework on how to help companies deal with the higher costs of everything.

Army updates cyber training after some graduates weren’t ready for their jobs

New classes and updated curriculum reflect evolving threats and lessons from the Ukraine war.

White House to tap DOD weapons testing lead for Navy acquisition role

The White House intends to nominate current Defense Department Operational Testing and Evaluation Director Nickolas Guertin to be the service’s next acquisition head.

Nvidia, AMD caught in the middle of U.S.-China tech battle

The federal government added a new license requirement barring selling artificial intelligence chips to China and Russia to address potential national security concerns.

The Army wants smarter sensors to ease soldiers’ ‘cognitive burden’

New intelligence and electronic-warfare tools aim to help commanders get data faster.

CACI-led team wins $5.7B Air Force enterprise IT pact

Wave number one of the branch's "Enterprise IT as a Service" effort seeks to push more basic IT functions out to industry.

China could overtake U.S. in space without ‘urgent action,’ warns new Pentagon report

America needs a long-term goal in space to be able to compete with Beijing, Pentagon industrial-base group writes.

SAIC lands $319M Kessel Run program to improve Air Force C2 systems

Falconer Air Operations Center Weapon System Sustainment contract lets SAIC leverage its cloud and command-and-control expertise and expand its footprint with the Air Force.

What's appropriate on social media? DOD spells it out in new guidance

The Department of Defense released its first departmentwide policy for official accounts and the personnel running them.

New missile defense tech comes with acquisition risks

Space Systems Command is seeking guidance on how to manage the procurement of a ground-based command and control system that combines legacy systems with the next generation of missile defense satellites.

The Army is hunting for more soldier-connected tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.