How the Pentagon mobilized to support tech startups after bank failure

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank presents the Defense Department with warnings—and opportunities.

Pentagon looking to make sure SpaceX doesn’t abandon them in war

Spooked by the company’s new limits in Ukraine, military leaders are mulling new types of contracts.

Vendors prepare to spend more on cybersecurity under new rules

Despite some complaints about the White House's new tack, industry leaders say most recognize the need for better defenses.

Sketching out the rules for offensive cyber operations

The White House released the first-ever National Cybersecurity Strategy this week. It leaves the door open for more defined use cases for cyber operations.

Could the Pentagon use a little ChatGPT?

The Air Force’s top tech leader said the AI technology, or something like it, could help “rapidly pull together information” such as figuring out who’s in charge of an organization.

Pentagon didn't check risks before authorizing cloud services, watchdog finds

An audit conducted by the Defense Department’s inspector general found agency components “may be unaware of known vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks associated with operating their systems or storing their data.”

Army Research Lab scouting new autonomous capabilities, natural language processing

The Army is on the hunt for air-ground robotic and autonomous systems, voice-guided technology and other capabilities as part of its second tech assessment event.  

Send me software, not hardware, Navy infowar leader says

“Boxes of computers” aren’t so helpful aboard space-limited ships, Rear Adm. Doug Small said.

Navy looks to OTA consortium for advanced tech

The Naval Information Warfare Center is looking to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and other technology into new capabilities.

Army looking to experiment with autonomous, real-time technologies

The service's annual experimental technology event will include a focus on autonomous lane clearance and decontaminant capabilities in 2024.

Inflation, workforce issues challenge defense contractors amid security pivot

The defense industrial base is facing workforce and inflationary headwinds just as the U.S. is refocusing its strategic lens on competition with China and Russia.

Army wants ideas from industry on autonomous, anti-drone capabilities

Army Futures Command called on industry for white papers outlining potential technology capabilities it will look to deploy as part of its modernization strategy.

Tougher cybersecurity rules may be more than a year away—but don’t wait to get ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe for more reporting requirements as well.

DOD's open cyber recommendations date back to 2012

The Defense Department's Office of Inspector General points out longstanding unmet requests in a report rounding up recent cybersecurity oversight.

To protect satellites, secure your networks, chief of space ops says

Cyber attacks can undermine space-based capabilities, Gen. Chance Saltzman said.

GAO: DOD needs better guidance, resources for contested information environment training

The government watchdog said that while defense officials have emphasized decision-based training for combatting disinformation, its guidance isn't clear about how military leaders are supposed to approach the curriculum.