Digital Government

Biden administration unveils website to help combat extreme heat conditions includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

VA's new master record aims to be a 'single source of truth' for veteran data

The new VA Profile system is a back-end data storage program that will give agency offices and systems a single source for accurate veteran information.

Watchdog says that racial and ethnic gaps remain in the CDC's COVID-19 data

Centers for Disease Control data on race and ethnicity about COVID-19 is sometimes "missing, inconsistent or inaccurate," an inspector general report says.

Labor Department seeks leader for digital transformation

The job announcement to lead the agency's new digital transformation directorate closes on Thursday.

Airport facial recognition is improving, DHS watchdog says

Customs and Border Protection removed officers’ abilities to override mismatches for facial recognition technology as part of a bid to improve its facial biometric program, according to a new Inspector General report.

Updated digital forensics database speeds criminal investigations

NIST’s expanded, more searchable database will help law enforcement find incriminating data in electronic media.

VA enables for three major veteran portals

Officials said the agency plans to add more services later this year, though credentials won’t be mandatory until all veterans are transitioned.

Digital identity challenges could be a roadblock to improved CX

Government agencies are currently wrestling with how exactly to verify Americans who want to access federal programs and services.

Experts call for more chief customer officers in government

Witnesses told Senate lawmakers that customer experience practitioners need representation within key federal agencies.

How TMF is managing its commitment to customer experience projects

Having technologists on the team assessing potential projects and active TMF investments has been a key change over the past year, program leaders told FCW.

Can a new data strategy can help the Department of Labor shape a more inclusive economy?

A three-year data strategy is going to help the department focus resources on the vulnerable and make sure its own programs aren't perpetuating inequity, said top officials Wednesday.

$100 million of TMF funding tagged for customer experience projects

The money, coming from the $1 billion investment in TMF made by the American Rescue Plan Act, will help implement the executive order on customer experience.

Pandemic response watchdogs urge agencies to focus on ID theft

Federal agencies need to contend with outdated tech, identity proofing and data issues while also helping identity fraud victims, inspectors general told a House panel on Tuesday.

IRS launched tax credit website without authority to operate, watchdog reports

The agency's CIO told auditors that the short-lived problem arose from a 'one-time user error'.

White House developing national strategy to increase data collection as privacy tech improves

A pending national strategy on data collection and analytics will focus on regulation and policy changes, according to a request for public comments.

TMF looks to measure more than just cost savings

The board of the Technology Modernization Fund is looking to support projects that impact the public through improved customer experience, Executive Director Raylene Yung said Thursday.

Why you need your boss's boss to embrace agile

It's not usually the tech that's the difficult part of user experience work, government technologists say, but getting senior leaders to advocate to help clear organizational roadblocks.