Guy Cavallo

Deputy Chief Information Officer

Small Business Administration

Guy Cavallo joined SBA as the Deputy CIO in 2017, moving from TSA where he was the Executive Director for IT Operations. His career has been almost evenly split between the private and public sectors. Before rejoining the federal government for the fourth time, he spent 13 years in the private sector implementing innovative technologies in government organizations, including nine years as a Senior Government Technology Advisor at Microsoft Corporation.

Cavallo currently leads the SBA transformation to the cloud and today’s state-of-the-art technologies. He served as Executive Sponsor of SBA’s Cloud transformation initiative, and 82 days later SBA had their cloud data center created and operational with an ATO. Cavallo was recently selected for the 2018 Federal 100 for leading that effort. Cavallo’s previous government technology leadership positions included the City of Charlotte, NC, the Corporation for National Service, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Throughout his public and private sector careers, Cavallo has been recognized as an innovative technology leader and has received numerous awards, including seven major government customer awards at Microsoft. In addition to this year’s selection, he was previously selected for the Federal 100 for his accomplishments at the Corporation for National Service.