Royce Allen

Cybersecurity Architect, Office of Cyber Security Policy and Compliance
Office of Information Security

Department of Veterans Affairs

As the Chief, Cybersecurity Architect/Security Domain, Ms. Allen is responsible for defining, communicating, and implementing VA’s Security Architecture (SA). SA encompasses security-related attributes across all VA architecture domains and development of principles, strategy, standards, and guidance for delivering holistic solutions to secure and protect enterprise information systems.

Prior to joining VA, Ms. Allen served as Chief, Office of Oversight and Compliance for the National Security Agency’s Information Assurance (IA) Directorate (IAD) and Cybersecurity (CS) programs. To execute a comprehensive program, she revitalized/modernized efforts to identify and deliver state-of-the-art automated compliance internal controls and policies. Her achievements resulted in an agency-wide IA/CS compliance wellness program. In addition, she delivered a compliance assessment program to assist compliance officers and operational mission managers which served as a baseline to address operational mission activities.

Ms. Allen also served as Chief, Scalable Analytics Division (a start-up organization) where she led the development of the first IA/CS analytic machine learning algorithms, deploying over 150+ analytics capabilities and tools using cloud and traditional technologies. These tools enabled cyber missions and countered threats throughout the IC, DoD, and federal agencies. Several of her projects supported the development of continuous monitoring, insider threat, and data reduction analytic capabilities. She also worked in the capacity as the Acting, Chief and Deputy Chief, of the Information Security Engineering Division, and Afghanistan mission liaison to execute the deployment of the first operational ISSE team; she managed and provided security engineering guidance to large-scale DoD weapon system programs.

Ms. Allen served as Chairperson of several technical bodies, including the IA/CS Analytic Vetting Working Group, Co-Chair of the Enterprise Analytic Vetting Working Group, and Co-chair of for the Women Enterprise Resource Working Group.