Kavitha Prabhakar


Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kavitha is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads Deloitte’s Civil Government sector, which encompasses a wide range of clients including the Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture, Department of Social Security, and Department of Education as well as the US Postal Service and US Agency for International Development. Kavitha is an experienced IT professional with a proven track record of delivering large, technology-enabled business transformations that achieve business results and has more than 20 years of professional consulting experience across both the private and public sectors. Kavitha is a member of the Deloitte’s Board Council and leads the executive women in technology initiative for Deloitte’s CIO Program. She has led various Women’s Initiative (WIN) programs for financial services including 100 Wise Women and Women on Wall Street.