About the Event

Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen has long argued that software is eating the world. In other words, software is ubiquitous. This is true for the federal government as well, where both mission-critical and everyday operations are deeply reliant on technology. This raises the stakes dramatically for IT leaders, challenging them to become more visible in their agencies and better collaborators with their mission, business and operations stakeholders.

This program is designed to help senior IT leaders develop a pathway from IT modernization to digital transformation – and raise IT’s profile beyond technology and into the governance necessary for success. We will examine the strategies, business models, architectures and operating processes underpinning digital government. We will hear from the IT executives who have established themselves as business leaders and change agents within their agencies. Some topics for discussion include:

  • Elevating IT
  • Leveraging data analytics
  • Applying AI to data
  • Streamlining development
  • Leading through transformation

Event Agenda

Thursday, May 17, 2018