Pamela Wise-Martinez (Invited)

Chief Enterprise Architect

Energy Information Administration

Ms. Pamela J. Wise-Martinez is a strategic business and technology innovation leader with over 20 years’ experience in public and private sectors.

Today, Ms. Wise-Martinez is Chief Cloud and Enterprise Data Architect for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. She is responsible for the strategic and tactical approach for Cloud deployments and Enterprise Data Architecture. Recently, she developed an approach for Pension Data Standard (Ontology), and a streamline approach for business, IT and cybersecurity, process tools for migration to Cloud and managed services.

Pamela chairs the Government Information Sharing and Services Domain Taskforce at the Object Management Group, collaborating on Interoperability in Threat Modeling, International Cloud Standards. A member and contributor to OMG's Cloud Standards Council, Cloud Security Alliance (IOT) workgroup (s) and American Council on Technology- Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC).

As the Senior Strategic Enterprise Architect for the Office of the Director of Intelligence (ODNI), responsible for delivering the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), Interoperability Framework (I2F) and Integrated Landscape (I2FIL) for Project Interoperability.

Ms. Wise-Martinez holds a patent for a Secure Biometric Identification Process and Financial System. She has a patent(s) pending on other business methods and apparatus for secure mobile communications for financial markets and a separate patent pending on meshed operating services. As the Chief Architect at the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), she delivered the “SmartPath” integrated Enterprise Architecture modernization approach, and responsible for designing NNSA Service Layer Model for virtualization and clouds services. She is contributor and author of the foreword for the Cloud Computing: Technology, Service and Architecture, by T. Erl, et al.