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Be sure to visit the Solution Center to see demos on the new approaches agencies are taking to deliver the outcomes customers are seeking, and the fundamental changes that result in faster interactions, predictive responses and more insightful user data.

State of Delaware CorpTrust
CorpTrust, built on blockchain, is an ecosystem that traces corporate activities of corporations registered in Delaware and enables corporations to selectively share their information with other participants involved in the process, such as their legal representative. The demonstration tracks and records transactions in real-time made by a small, private corporation to update their capital stock summary, current share ownership, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings.

Blockchain & Salesforce
In this demo, Salesforce and Blockchain work together to monitor the lifecycle of an event by ingesting and compiling millions of data points in Blockchain from disparate agencies, organizations, systems, and processes as transactions in the block that show conditions, supply chain data, and inspection results. Those data points are evaluated for out of specification events and any violating transactions become cases in Salesforce.

Video Exploration Recognition Agent (VERA)
Cognitive offering that autonomously exploits motion imagery to create a concise visualization summary capturing the salient events, including activity and objects. VERA provides the opportunity to leverage machine learning models and computer vision techniques in order to reduce the time analysts spend analyzing the data; it can also increase the accuracy at which objects and activities of interest are detected in still imagery and full motion video in order to allow for real-time indexing for forensic analysis.

Drone Imaging: Visual Recognition for Smarter Operations
Drones are beginning to disrupt the way agencies manage land, emergency management respond to natural disasters, industries inspect hazardous areas, and even how humans get around. IBM is using drones to help clients across industry and government solve problems from safety to efficiency. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence, cloud storage/processing and analytics, consumers are able to make smarter and safer decisions.

University of California San Diego (UCSD) Intelligent Digital Assistant
UCSD’s ITS PPMO creates new IT project workspaces in JIRA and Confluence as a service to limited community of CIO employees. The space creation process is cumbersome, prone to rework, and requires extensive manual handling by a limited number of staff. This Intelligent Automation solution uses CARLA, Cognitive Virtual Advisor, to interact with users and intake the required information to set up new project spaces, and a BluePrism RPA bot to create a new space and route approval workflows. By automating 80% of the project initiation and approval process, UCSD’s ITS PPMO reduced project creation time from two weeks to one day, resulting in $300K per year in cost savings due to decreased cycle time, reduced risk, and increased employee productivity in strategic roles.

Defense Financial System Digital Assistant
A DOD financial system used a manual testing process to validate financial billing reports, which can take up to a week for all three sections of an individual case’s bill. This solution uses a UiPath RPA bot to automate the validation process for the financial report, comparing the report with several sources of data, reporting matches and errors, and cycling through all cases for one of the report’s three sections. This solution guarantees 100% accuracy, reduces cycle time to one minute per bill, which is 240x faster than manual testing, and tests each case in the report rather than a sample, allowing employees to focus on resolving errors and defects.