Preparing Your Agency for AI and Automation

Robyn Rees

DIS IT Budget Lead, IT Governance & Strategy Advisor

National Science Foundation

Robyn Rees serves as a strategic advisor for the NSF Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Division of Information Systems (DIS). In this capacity, she leverages her deep understanding of the formulation, planning, execution and oversight of the Agency’s IT budget, as well as IT operations, to facilitate packaging of ideas and communication across all levels of the agency. Robyn is skilled at articulating use cases for advanced technology insertions that resonate with non-technology business leaders. She encourages an approach to technology conversations that incorporates a deliberate and thoughtful conversation about the organizational impacts of IT, particularly its impacts on the workforce. Ms. Rees is currently on detail assignment to Department of the Interior, serving as an advisor to the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO).