Making Smart Choices for a Cloud-centric Agency

Dr. Michaela Iorga

Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing


Dr. Michaela Iorga serves as senior security technical lead for cloud computing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Computer Security Division. She also chairs the NIST Cloud Computing Public Security Working Group and co-chairs the NIST Cloud Computing Public Forensic Science Working Group. Having previously served in a wide range of consulting positions in both, government and private sector industries, Dr. Iorga has a deep understanding of cybersecurity, risk assessment and information assurance for cloud, fog and IoT systems, identity and credential management, and cyberspace privacy issues. In her role at NIST, Dr. Iorga supports the development and dissemination of cybersecurity standards and guidelines that meet national priorities and promote American innovation and industrial competitiveness. Aligned with NIST’s mission, Dr. Iorga’s work particularly focuses on collaborating with industry, academia, and other government stakeholders on developing a high-level, vendor-neutral cloud, fog and IoT security and forensics guidance. A proven leader and expert in problem-solving and analysis, Dr. Iorga is also managing several other NIST efforts that include the development of the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), the fog computing conceptual model, the cognitive-based IoT devices fingerprinting, and the risk management for cloud-based systems. Dr. Iorga received her Ph.D. from Duke University in North Carolina, USA.