Making Smart Choices for a Cloud-centric Agency

Karen Petraska

Program Executive for Computing Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer


Karen Petraska is presently serving as the Program Executive for Computing Services in the NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer, spearheading the development and deployment of an enterprise approach to managing cloud computing at NASA as well as leading NASA’s response to the Data Center Optimization Initiative (formerly the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative). Karen has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and more than 30 years of enterprise IT experience between academia, industry and government. She has worked in numerous areas of enterprise IT infrastructure services including messaging, directories, authentication/authorization, networks, data centers and IT security and has a significant interest in the challenges of technology and policy integration in large organizations. Karen previously served as the NASA Service Executive for Authentication and Authorization where she led NASA’s HSPD-12 implementation and delivered several key capabilities to ensure NASA’s compliance. Prior to that, she served as the Chief Information Officer at NASA’s Ames Research Center and before that, as the Chief of the Information Services and Technology Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.