CDM DEFEND’s New Approaches for Protecting Networks

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Working with Industry to Defend the Enterprise

May 22, 2019

9:05 AM - 9:20 AM

Joe Faraone

Director - Federal Cyber


Implementing a new cybersecurity strategy can mean scrapping existing, familiar tools in favor of new solutions requiring significant investments in technology and user training. CDM DEFEND provides the opportunity for agencies to keep many existing cybersecurity tools, a feature that will help accelerate the new phase of the CDM program to win over government users and invigorate the program. Additionally, the move to cloud environments provides an opportunity to leverage CDM-focused cloud-native capabilities in Cloud Service Provider offerings. The ultimate goal is a consistent cybersecurity posture across government that provides near real time event analysis, faster identification of significant risk events, focused response, and timely detection and remediation of non-secure configurations that pose security risks. In this session, hear an industry perspective on how the CDM program is doing.

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