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Process Automation - Clinical Care Pathways

Dec 04, 2019

9:40 AM - 9:55 AM

Ben Cushing

Field CTO, Federal Health

Red Hat

Clinical Care Pathways are workflows which have been validated through rigorous practice and study. Healthcare leaders across medical societies, federal and state government agencies, and clinical entrepreneurs are actively engaged in Modeling existing Clinical Care Pathways so that they may be shared, studied and innovated upon.

With the modeling activity, an emerging technology opportunity exists. The Pathways are being modeled using the industry standard, BPMN, which is not only a modeling language, but a runtime. A BPMN model for Patient Admission, can be run on an IT platform to produce human and system tasks. Those tasks are capable of managing exceptions, reducing providers cognitive burden, and ultimately lead to better care.

“What is exciting about BPM+ Health is that it lays the foundation to allow for best clinical practices to follow the patient through their journey,” says Ken Rubin, director of standards for the Veteran Health Administration’s Office of Knowledge-based Systems.

He says substantial parts of veteran care are outside of the VA’s walls. Because of that, it is essential for the VA to be able to effectively support its patient population wherever veterans elect to receive care.

Still, a recurring challenge for providers is disseminating evidence-based practices to the point of care, which particularly affects a growing mobile patient population. To address this, BPM+ Health seeks to improve care consistency as patients’ transition regardless of whether that is traversing tiers of care such as a patient being discharged to long-term care, or getting specialty referrals.

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