Donna Roy

Chief Information Officer

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Donna is the Assistant Director, Chief Information Officer, directing all technology areas including Application Development, Cybersecurity, Data, Design, End User Systems and Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Network Engineering and Systems Engineering at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Donna serves as the principal advisor to the Director and Chief Operating Officer for all matters related to information technology for the Bureau. She is responsible for maximizing productive use of current and emerging information technologies and setting the Bureau standards in these areas.

Donna previously led the delivery of applications, platforms, services and data infrastructure at Department of Homeland Security as the Executive Director, Information Sharing and Services Office. In addition to deploying high-visibility capabilities, her office was focused on innovative solutions for identity management, national scale collaboration and trust platforms, and scalable data infrastructure solutions to customers within a dynamic environment.

Donna is highly focused on data and passionately committed to innovation utilizing modern approaches (cloud, agile, dev/ops) to drive positive change across Federal, State, local and international partners and is always ready to face new challenges!

A proud New Englander and former United States Marine, Donna is honored to serve at the CFPB and lead a team of innovative, dedicated, IT service professionals.