Peter T. Ranks

Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise

Department of Defense

Mr. Peter T. Ranks is a member of the Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) and is currently serving as the Department of Defense (DoD) Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise (DCIO-IE). Mr. Ranks is a career CIA officer with 20 years’ experience designing, adapting, and deploying technology to support the Intelligence mission. Mr. Ranks most recently served with the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology where he was responsible for technical intelligence collection and technical analysis in support of the Intelligence Community’s (IC) counter-proliferation objectives. Prior to this role, Mr. Ranks held a number of leadership assignments in the Information Technology field to include a leading role in the IC’s adoption of cloud computing. Additionally, Mr. Ranks provides leadership for the Cloud Computing Program Office under the DoD CIO to ensure seamless support to our warfighters.